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provides strategic, creative, and technology solutions to successful digital businesses. We share with our customers to plan, design and build products and services that benefit the way the world perceives and interacts with your online company.
We offer comprehensive range of web application based on proven experience and platforms.


• Web based content manager
• Marketing tools
• Complete E-commerce web application
• Email promotion tools
• Database driven web application
• Community application such as forums, polls, mailing list, members club
• Platforms and solutions
• ASP(Active Server Pages) NT
• Coldfusion, CGI and perl Unix and NT
• Oracel, MS-Sql, MySql, Ms-Access database
EFRAT GURMAN - Innovative Media Relationships
We offer companies comprehensive marketing and communications services to
support their operations, wherever and however needed.

Working with a wide range of companies, through retainer and project relationships,
we have developed our expertise in meeting the unique needs of companies.

CyberMouse - Art & web design

Iera Keren - Studio Graphics and visual concept
xnet developed a process for planning, conceptualizing, and performing solutions to complex organization problems.
We start with business strategy, marketing and branding. Then we seek for technology, and user-centered design.
Our process 3 phases, keeping clients informed of progress and ensuring success and easy experience.

• Understanding
your business and your brand. We work with you to clearly understand your immediate needs and long-term goals, the competitive landscape, and your operating and technical environments. We agree on your business objectives and create a strategic plan of action. We define how the success of the project will be assessed. We also establish project scope, budget, sand a detailed work plan.

• Concept
What is a solution for you? Who will use it and how? What will it do? How will it work? What will it look like? Once we agree on Concept, we define the functional, technical, and creative solution. We document them and work with you to refine them. We also build a demo or prototype to test our concept and solution.

• Implement
We now build the final product. We test and quality assure the deliverable and make sure you understand how to manage and maintain it.

Main  Solutions  Vision  Concept  Projects  Contact  Hebrew

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